Linos Museum | Visit to Linos
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Visit to Linos

A place to experience history, culture and winetasting

Linos Museum

We welcome you to Linos Museum: A place to experience history, culture and winetasting.

In Solomos, just three kilometres away from the city of AncientKorinth and its evocative castle of Akrokorinthos there is a museum about wine and greek tradition, called Linos Museum.

The museum is situated in an old traditional winery. For decades the region has been famous for its vineyards. In the past wine was produced traditionally to meet the family needs. A small quantity of white wine is still produced in the winery for friends and visitors to taste.

The museum expands in three exhibitional rooms, which were back then used to collect and store wine. At first visitors enter the traditional late 19 th century greek house. Here you can get a glimse into how people of the greek countryside used to live and how a typical household looked like with its kitchen, fireplace etc.

Moving on to the second room visitors may observe various crafts of the local artisans. They are also presented with images of traditional professions which no longer exist such as the blacksmith, the carpenter and the weaver. Our aim is to give to the visitor the opportunity to travel back in time and escape from the mechanical world we all live in. Even just for a while…

Last but not least getting to the third room there is a semi-dark cellar where visitors can taste our wine as long as other local wines accompanied by local flavours. Tsipouro may also be served (in the right season), a typical strong yet fully aromatic drink.

Just outside the museum we see “linos” , the place where people used to step on the grapes with their bare feet in order to extract the wine must and then put it into wooden barrels. This is how the museum inherited his name. “Linos” is situated in the centre of a wider garden, specifically an orchard, where Pantelis (the man who inspired the museum) grows seasonal vegetables for family and friends. You can as well enjoy a traditional coffee in the «kafeneio», a coffe place of the old times.


Linos and its tales are here for you to explore their world!

«Visits upon request»